Monday, November 23, 2009

RACISM-sensitive issue

Nowadays, racism never end in today's  world. Even during Rasulullah SAW epoch, there were many tribe of Arabic who were fight to defend their own tribe. Consequently, a lot of unsinful soul were killed.

There was a time in Europe where a war was happened between the white people and the black people. This history that can be a guide for the new generation had been adapted to a movie titled ' The Freedom Writer '. Although the movie a bit different, but still the theme is same , about racism.

In Malaysia today, there are a lot of racism problems. Whether it is between Chinese-Indian, Malay-Chinese,or  Malay-Indian.. but nowadays the hot topic now is between Malaysian and Indonesian.

In this case, I feel kind a guilty to support between those races. I am Malaysian, was born in Malaysia, grown up in Malaysia and learn everything in Malaysia, so no doubt I really love Malaysia, my own country, plus, who aren't ? But both my parents originally are from Indonesia, just because there stayed here for long time, they don't look like Indonesian, even my dad have get the title of Malaysia's citizen since I was a kid. And my mum will get soon too..

So, what's bothering me now ? I'm not bothered about that, I just dissappointed with both society behaviour in showing off that they are better.

And I really really dissappointed hearing the latest new yesterday happened at my flat. Yesterday, a big wedding were held under my flat. As usual , it been 2 days the residents of this flat cooperate for the wedding. While the women having their tea-time, there was a Malay lady gave to those women the ginger drink. Then came a young lady who is Indonesian said, " Ye, minumlah.. air halia elok untuk buang angin ( yes, drink it, this ginger drink is good for our body ) ".. As she said that, came an old Malay lady who suffered a lot of disease, said " Kau jangan, Kau tu sedar diri kau sikit, Kau tu cuma menumpang saja, sedar diri kau tu Indon !  ( You should behave yourself, you just an immigrant, just so you know that you from Indon ! ) ".. The young Indonesian lady who seems shocked just replied ' Betul la apa yang saya kata, halia elok untuk badan .. apa masalah dia ?( what ? I said the right thing, rite ? ginger's good for our body ? what's her problem ? ) " .. And that night the residents have kept working but the old Malay lady kept saying " Sedarlah diri sikit, Kau tu Indon, Cuma menumpang ! ( just behave yourself, you're Indon, just a lodger ! ) " ..   Her words were not just hurted the young Indonesian lady but almost all the residents who cooperate there because all of them are from Indonesia and if they aren't , their wife or their parents ( like mine ) are from Indonesia. But they just ignored her cynic word and kept on working. In my flat here, there are many Indonesia but they have stayed here for a long time.. It's not that there don't have any Malaysian at my flat, YES, here have a lot of Malaysian too, but the Malaysian resident here aren't interest if it involve social work, they even don't hob-nob with their own neighbour, and the one who held this wedding isn't Indonesian,he was Malaysian, but who helped a lot ? Most of them are Indonesian ! They don't  get paid though..

It's not I want to make them proud, I'm not at any side, but to be frank, when I went to Indonesia, visiting my village, the resident there were friendly compared to Malaysian eventhough they knew I'm Malaysian. They don't differentiate me. This is not my own judgement, even my dad's passengers ( my dad is a driver taxi ) who came from Japan, India and Europe told him the same thing. Bluntly, I feel hurt with my own friend who will hate Indonesian without any sensible reasons.. she hate everything from there, their music, history, food, clothe and culture, but she can be friend with me, kind a weird isn't it ? recently, this topic kind a sensitive to me, even in my family..  just put yourself in my place, you'll be in the middle, you cant be in both side.. sometimes my family don't care bout my feeling, keep proud of Indonesia, and condemn Malaysia.. can tell me how my feeling was ?

In my point of view, both Malaysian and Indonesian are same, none are more honour or better in locality, it's how we act towards each other and what we did for the doomsday.. it's just maybe a lil differ if compare the lang and the culture.. But as long as we're in the same religion, ISLAM, we are relative among muslim..

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Zynga Poker ;)

zynga poker.. this is one of the indoor game that I've found the most interesting game.. I know, as a muslim, we are forbidden to play this game, but because this is not real one, we just use the internet and fake chips there, so I guess it's okay..
I know this game from my 2nd brother.. he keep asked me to use my laptop to play the game, so from there, I've learn from him, how to play it.. If through the internet, the zynga poker is online game which is you'll find other users/players  of this zynga poker from all over the world ! !
there are many tables of this game which I can choose base on my chips I have..

this is the list of the table I can choose

in one table, there are about 8 players can play..

the players in one table

each players are given 2 cards, and at the middle of the table, there are 5 cards that are not open yet..
The best thing of this game is other than you can meet peoples from other country and get to know them, the zynga poker also have some stuff that we can buy for other players. its not real though, just the picture of the stuff, but stil they have to pay it using their chips..
This zynga poker rele make me addicted to play it once I've won.. this is one of the factor why I became addicted to this game..
when 3 of the middle cards are open, and I knew that the cards are combination of mine, my heart will beat faster coz I knew those money will belong to me.. but other players dunno, they have no idea what we have in our hand.. and when the money goes to my profile side, I'll feel so damn good and kind a proud for winning it especially if it in big pot
but when 3 of the cards at the middle first shown its ours, but then when 2 more are open, there are possibility the money aren't for us, coz our card aren't strong enough such as if you only have straight combination in your hand, but other player have flush combination, so the player will win coz flush cards are stronger. the srongest card are full house where all the player's cards are at the middle of the table..

the meeting ;) muahahaha!!

Finally i decided to go to Qayyum's house yesterday. it's not rele bad idea thought.. she's not that evil to tease my face.. nah, i'm not scared bout dat, just a lil bit low self-confidence.. but I think I'm kinda childish thinking that way.. meeting them was amazing, so long time din meet since we're in form 2 ( if I'm not mistaken )..
we talk a lot yesterday. I found out Qayyum have a rele handsome bf.. yea, he is! OMG, DDG ! ( borrow those word from Nicholas ).. seriously ! he looks like the vokalis of Bunkface , and more handsome than him, I saw his picture in Qayyum's ph. both Qayyum and Fareez ( her bf ) are perfect together since both are beautiful and handsome. plus, both them from rich family, hello ! they r from Bukit Antarabangsa area !

rite now, i just get back from Hazril's sister's wedding just under our flat.. a big feast are held down there.. LOL.. I came there just now just to eat the 'nasi minyak' , and quickly get back home.. I know, I'm suck !..
ehehe.. I'll plan my revision schedule for these holiday tonight.. ;)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Saturday morning

I slept longer today because of my tiredness.. plus , I got 2 hour less for my sleep yesterday ! all this because of Hafiz !! He called me at 1.26 am just because he was alone and there was no one he can talk to.. I've asked him KFC someday !

i just woke up and I remembered my dream.. I dreamed about this guy, I'll call him here as MrX. ouwh, I rele missed him  .. because of my own ego,  I'm not gonna call him or message him , eventhough I missed him a lot .... I don't rele like thinking bout guys and I'll try my best to forget about him! please, God ! next year is my big time !
Then, while I remembering bout him, my mind stuck with Qayyum's invitation .. Yesterday while I was on my way to Puan Sarina's home, Aishah ( my primary school's friend ) called me.. she was at Qayyum's house..she spent 3 days there.. they invited me too.. but... my problem is my self confidence.. when we were at primary school, she was chubby but still she look cute.. but now, when she grown up, she have fit body and and and a really beautiful looking you'll ever see .. 
why I must bothered bout all those things ? well, I'm not jealous.. its just that I've one big pimple just under my pretty big eyes.. those really bothered me, I know she's not my bf or watever, but I really really really feel bad .. I told my dad bout Qayyum's invitation, and I told him I don't feel like I wanna go eventhough its like once in a blue moon to meet her since her real home is too far.. and and and my dad knew the reason is.. he asked me, is it because of my pimple ? and I just shook my head.. oftenly, I tell everything to both my parents.. 
now, I'm confuse, whether I've to go to Qayyum's house or not.. plus here at my home have a big feast under my flat.. half of myself feel like wanna go to Qayyum's house since its so long time I din meet her ! and half of myself feel bad bout the idea..  * sight * ;(

Friday, November 20, 2009

Whacked Day

today supposed to be my holiday, but because of my passion toward my duty as a prefect, I got the strength to go to my Lovely school * LOL*...  it was because the registration of form 1 ( 2010 ), we got to help teachers handling this..
I've to helped Mummy this morning.. its not rele bad thou, I've learn the Tamil lang ; ' karikela nak ' , i dunno how to spell it, but that's how it pronounce to me.. the meaning is ' in case you don't get the offered' ( if i'm not mistaken ).. I heard mummy said those words many times to all the parents she've face .. all of them wanna transfer their kids to other school. the main reason is because of the distance of their resident from school. oke, watever ..
I've heard that the teachers from our neighbour school ( PPR Subang )   always telling their pupils to not ever study to our school ( SMK Lembah Subang ) , if they get places here ( SMK Lembah Subang ) , the teachers persuade them to change to other school. oke, watever! like i care ..
After helping Mummy, I helped Puan Norishah completed the list class of form 2 for next year ( 2010 ).. and I saw their results , OMG ! what they learnt through this year ?? most of them proudly got E for every subjects.. what a shame..
At 2 o'clock, Ika and I headed to Puan Sarina' s home .. we've class with her, RM 15 per day.. only Nomi, Shikin Hassan , Ika and I were come.. we learnt a lot today especially Physics . thanx, Puan Sarina..
Now I just get back from Subang Puteri ( Puan Sarina' s home ), and feeling sleepy, undescribeable tired and my back hurt coz typing on here..
I need some rest thou, but firstly I need to take a bath.. ( ^_~  )

Thursday, November 19, 2009

School's day !!

I posted this kinda late coz I've no mood. On Tuesday, there were still few students who came to school including me.. in my class, there were 2 malay students who were absent which is Nomi and Syikin Hisham. guess that Nomi is telling the truth that she get a fever, sorry again , Nomi.. I think Syikin Hisham was absent because of the form 5.. the form 5 were off from school on tuesday to give them some rest before the spm start. So, when there were no  form 5, her inspiration also gone..that's why she was absent.  muahahahahaha!!  

There were nothing to do so I spent my time in library, helped the librarian wrapped the books there.. see, I can be a good example as a prefect, I've a good relationship with the librarian, some school aren't. when recess , I was shock to meet Nazira and Amira who came to visit us here. rele missed them a lot!!!
Nazirah and Amirah
at 1.50 p.m., as the bell rang, Ika, Syera and I headed to our home. on the way back home, the heat really made us get tired easily and felt uncomfortable, so we walked quickly. but stil, we've time to snap some pictures.

while we were waiting the lift in our flat, I noticed that the Konserto Terakhir that I borrowed from Mummy (Puan Loges) wasn't with me .. and I knew that I've lost it.. uurrgghh.. I've to buy new one for Mummy! whoah !

plan B

today, Wednesday, I still came to school although there were nothing I can do.. the reason is if I were at home, my boredom is twice than at school.

when Ika and I arrived at school, we been told that our jamuan at Sunway Pyramid was cancel due to the absence of Mummy.. Mummy can't joint us coz she've to handle a camp at Rawang, she just received the duty. We've discussed it, we thought mybe we can ask Miss Suraya to replace Mummy, but then she only have 2 hours to be with us . Then, some said maybe we've to pospone the date on Tuesday apart from Saturday. But then, most of them have to work. Finally , we've decided to have the jamuan on Thursday (tomorrow).. we've chose domino's pizza for our menu.

After school , Mummy, Ika , Ken ( Syikin Hisham) and I headed to carrefour to buy the stuff for jamuan and we went to Domino's pizza at SJMC although it was rain. I've no idea where it was. whoahaha!! Fortunately, everything were done as what we plan, but just wait and see for tomorrow ( jamuan's day ) ! hopefully, the plan working..!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Bored day

I was the only Malay prefect in form 4 Capricorn who came today. The rest were absent for unsensible reasons except for Nomi, I heard she get a fever.. I'm sorry for you, Nomi.. but, is it true ? hopefully you are telling the truth coz this morning kind a miserable because a lot of prefects were absent too.. poor Chui Yee.. she have to handle all of things by herself especially for the assembly to in charge, but stil have some prefects she can count on.

at class, both Modern Math and Add Math were the only subjects that teachers still taught us. Puan Norishah really want us to get A+ for next year and she already start the form 5 subject, she gave us all the important chapters that we've to focus on and I really like the word that she used to say everyday in our clas; 'this is easy, class'... huhu.. I think, Chui Yee, Kar Mun and Yan Yee can score... maybe me too (Insya-Allah).. hehe.. I just need to do a lot of exercise for Add Math..

Then we discussed with Mummy( Puan Loges ) about our 'jamuan' class.. we gonna do it at Sunway Pyramid.. we've choose pizza hut ( bored ).. after the jamuan maybe we'll watch movie, 2012.. Mummy dont want us to do the activity there separately coz all of us are under her responsibility...

Mummy also target our class to get A+ for next year spm coz she said the principal really depend on our class to get the excellent result in spm just like our past pmr.. some of my classmates have to follow Mummy to buy some books on this Saturday for BM revision.. and I've tuition during this school holidays but some of my friends choose to work..
I dont think I need to work if I look back at my final exam result , and spm ! all this things scared me eventhough my dad encouraged me to work to get new experience.. but, nah...

after school, it was raining, not too heavily, we went home by Syikin's  mother's car (ahahahha).. 
as I arrived, as usual, I took a shower, no pray ( PMS) , and get some sleep ( almost 4 hours; weeee )...
at 5.55 , i woke up and ate and get on here.. ;)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

at Sunway Pyramid for Pizza ;)

yesterday was rele great ! definitely a lot of fun ! before leaving, this is what we did : usual, we went there by bus.. uurrghh..!! i hate bus ! the bus need to be punctual ! then when we arrived, we headed to the cinema to buy the ticket, and guess what ?? walaweyh ! the queue there very long , long like our large intestine + small intestine.. we just followed the queue.. Nomi decided to go and ask someone who's in the front line to buy the ticket for us. She asked a lady who wear a scarf ( we guess she must be nice ), and guess what she said ? 'adik nak tgok crite ape ? Jeenifers Body ? suro orang laen la yerk, akak bukan orang puteh , nak tgok crite orang puteh...' as we heard she said that, we felt kinda shame, is this how our Malay people always act ? Plus, she's muslim..      then, after a few minutes, we tried again asked a couple who seems really nice and they actually were rele rele nice though, they bought for us the tickets, and we get to watch it on time.. yay!

see how many people watched it ? LOL... yea.. we screamed ! make some noise.. there were just us.. hahaha .. then, after the movie start, there were few peoples came.. maybe coz of the long queue..
Jennifers Body was really  a great movie and compared the movie to the Sorority Row, I chose Jennifers Body but my friends chosed the opposite. never mind then, we've our own opinion.

after watching the movie, we went to the PIZZA HUT la weyh !! that's our main destination.. hahaha.. the waitress asked what we want to order, then when each of us asked for a regular pizza, she seems shocked, and we showed her the voucher.. weeeee... here are the moment we enjoyed the pizza :-

that's my face when look full..
the truth is I dont really like to take a picture, my face look so terrible with the pimples around.. wanna see my truly face ? this is the real me look like
oke, my eyes big, and bigger than usual coz i wore the eye liner.. when I with my friends, I'll look like I'm happy but the inside I've lower self confidence and always try to avoid from taking a picture, but I dont like show them how I really feel.. I want them to see me always happy without anything to care much..oke, enough talking bout my feeling, back to the Pyramid ...

those pictures were taken while we were waiting for the bus .. thanx to the form 3 girl from SMK Kelana Jaya.. when we were in the bus, I sat beside Syikin Hisham, at that time, I heard my phone calling, and tried to find the phone from my bag when suddenly the bus hit the divider of the road and all of us seems tried to balance ourselves in the bus.. and the sound from the crashing really shocked us.. and I saw the front mirror cracking.. we all look at each other in the bus, and what I saw just their panick looking.. then we smelled something like patrol..when the bus stop at a side of empty road, most of us quickly wanna get out from the bus, but the driver stop us coz we aren't at the bus stop yet..   a few minutes later, we arrived at Kelana Jaya Medical Centre, and Ika asked us to get down from the bus and took a taxi. we chosed to take a taxi rather than the bus.. Nomi wasn't there at the moment coz she left us earlier. that day was really a great and a shocked day for us except for Nomi as she didn't experienced it. Ika told me to not mention the moment to our parents, scared if they wont allowed us to hang out anymore, but when I told my parents, they just laught their head off.. hahaha.. my parents are cool, they like to see me experience new things.. I love them so much.. and they stil let me to go out again.. I've told them to not mention it to Ika's parents as her parents are strick to her.. My parents are kind a supporting parents ;)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Planning !

our first magazine !

our 2nd magazine !

My clicks and I have made 2 magazine that organised by News Straits Times ( if I'm not mistaken ).. The above is our magazine ! nice, huh ? well.. unfortunately, we din win it.. this is our 1st time joint it, so its ok lor.. but if we just submit our entry, we'll get free pizza ! ;)

the voucher ler..

Because of the Newspaper-In-Education (NIE) programme that my friends and I joined, we got the free  vaucher ! ' Free 1 Regular Pizza ' .. if we made 1 newspaper, we only get free pan pizza, but we did 2, so we got 1 regular pizza..

movie !

so, when we're going to use the voucher ? hehe.. today is the day ler... ! !  we're going to Sunway Pyramid (SP) today to watch Jnnifer's Body  too ! who will go, yea ? well, all friends who involved in NIE ler..

  • Nurasyikin Che Hisham

  • Syahera Idris

  • Nurul Atikah Amsuar

  • Nomi Juliana

we'll gonna get some fun today, hopefully ;)

Failed !

I've failed my Chemistry's paper for the 2nd times !  I dunno why I can't be as expert as Chui Yee.. But still she din get A+ for Chemistry though.. How can I be a forensic as what Yan Yee suggested if I've failed the Science subjects..  even my other Science subjects such as Biology and Physics, I din get an excellent result.. I din tell my parents yet bout my result, they'll blame my internet coz I spent time a lot on here.  Now I know I still don't ready yet for the SPM next year ! whoah..!!!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

welcome to SMK Lembah Subang ;)

Today a lot of students from other schools came to my school, SMK Lembah Subang.. They came under Rakan Muda organisation .. There were 10 schools involved including my school. I'm not sure which school were come , vaguely i knew is SMK La Salle, SMK Taman Medan, and SMK Petaling .. there are bout 30 students from each school came. There were 10 prefects school been choosen by Nomi Juliana ( the head prefect ) to in charge them including me. We just need to be usher for them, greet and show them the right way.. Kinda tired doing all that. Then, it was my first experience took care of the lower form during their recess time.. Handling them is much harder than handling the upper form. No wander the lower form prefects always been admonished during our meeting. Poor them.. huhu.. The students rele behaved such like Ribena Kids.. No manners ! Then I've noticed all the girls there over acting to get the attention from the guys .. such an annoying dramas I've seen. Our students also kinda ' batak ' to watch what they were up to especially the guys .. Gosh !

School's day on 6 Nov 09

I din write on here yesterday. its ok, I din feel like I wanna too.. this morning, Hafiz called me at 4.15 am, and he seems to know that I'm awake at that time.. he called when I've finishing my food. I dont think i can call it as a breakfast coz I ate rice thou. He first asked me whether i was in my sleep just now or not then i told him that I was awake. Then he asked what am I doing? well, at that time, I was playing computer game, then I told him la. I'm just wandering, what the earth he's doing by calling me at the time such like that?? Is he insane or what? Fortunately I was awake, if not, I wont answered his called.. I just told Atikah and Shaheerah about Hafiz called me.. I wont tell Shikin Hassan, she'll expect something thou..I've no feeling towards Hafiz oke.. fullstop!

At school, we just get back our Physics paper, I got 61 for my Physics paper. The highest is Yan Yee ; 78. poor us, huh? no one get A+, such a shame.. even Chui Yee, she've admit that Physics was hard enough for her at the first time we learn Physics, she've hurted Puan Sarina's feeling by telling she's gonna drop the Physics' subject..

Then, after recess, I ate muruku that Mummy(Puan Logeswary) brought for us (4 Capricorn's students).. she's our teacher class. We call her Mummy as she's like our mother in our class. At first , she was kinda mad bout, but we keep calling her by that name, so she just accept it. Plus, its like a sign of respect for her thought.. She just mad at first bcoz she scared if other teachers will feel different. her name (Mummy) that we called everyday have spread out to the form 5 until form 5 students now calling her by using that name too..

Mummy is kinda strict.. at the first time she taught us, we all were in silent, afraid to ask her.. but then, we get used to it and sometimes we even laugh when she increase her volume. she like to make joke by pretending angry especially toward Chinese students. Lol, the way she pretends angry is real, you cant tell that she's joking, but she is... even Chui Yee cried once coz she thought that Mummy is really mad at her..

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Add Math day

I wake up at 4.16 am this morning, and i continued my sleeping.. then at 5.02 am , panick-strickened , i hurriedly brushed my teeth.. i've to stay up to do some revision for the add math coz last night i was terribly sleepy and do nuthin for the revision.. i did the revision bout an hour, then i get prepared for school.
As usual, my dad sent me and Ika (Atikah Amsuar) to school. actually our school is not too far from our resident, but we were too lazy to walk. When we were at school, panickly Syikin Hisham asked me to not mention her name as the reader for Reading Buddy Programme. Luckily, her name didn't been called as this week is the exam week.. actually Teacher Hasnita was too nice to not mention her name as she didn't prepared for it..
When the assembly was over, my classmate were too busy studying for add math. Add math paper 2 came 1st. after recess, then it was add math paper 1..
what can i say here is both the add math paper was a lil hard then what i expected. maybe i need to do a lot of exercise for add math.. for this past 3 weeks exam, the add math paper was not the hardest one, it is the Biology paper. my click also didn't expected that Biology paper could be the hardest.. 2nd hardest is Chemistry.. then Physics.
Compared the Add math and Modern Math, i think, the Modern Math is kinda harder than Add math paper.. hopefully, i'll past my exam althought with not flying colour(i can guess it)..
And rite now, i'm waiting for the internet to log in my twitter acc.. its been 10mins i was waiting here.. the broadband is in its slow velocity again.. uurrgghhh.. when can my brother pay the bill???? maybe i'll not writing here if the velocity of this broadband wouldn't change.. ;(

Hello ;)

this is my 3rd time creating a blog.. actually i never do blogging but ive create it bout 3 times.. i never log in into the blog coz ive forgot the email and password.. so, this is my 3rd time.. i rarely writing a diary.. usually i write when i feel sad or angry.. i never write when i feel happy.. i'll try my best to spend my time to write here..

oke, what ive done today? urm.. today we've our final exam which is history.. i've answered all the question and dunno how hard was it.. i just wrote what i know.. hopefully, i've choose the correct answer. i don't rele do the revision for history.. lately i've been so lazy.. i hope this night my mood will change coz tomorrow i've +math paper.. i love +math.. then just now ive just learn new thing bout twitter from Fatin Hafiza.. thanks to her ;) She's 2 year younger than me.. that's alll i can write for now, ive to do the revision..