Thursday, December 30, 2010

new Life :)

well, it's been long enough i didn't update anythin on here, too much of laziness, too much of procrastination, and yess i'm too busy this lately, I have a job rite now !
hehe, I work at Pizza Hut, I've chose to be in the kitchen rather to be the cashier, although I know I'll feel too tired working there but it's great to be in busy rather than feel boring doing nothin much tho.
this was during shera, mas and me were looking for a job.
I worked at PizzaHut Glomac, Kelana Jaya. :) ( haha, promote )
my 1st day of working :) i'm crying actually..  can't be too closed to the onions
the onions that i've to handle

these are shera's job, the top-up's things that usually you'll eat inside pizza
my place thatt i usually have to stand there, waiting for the pizzas. 

my bos, Kak Ain ( blue in shirt )
well, I guess till here I can tell bout my activities this recently as I rele not in the mood :( 
I've to find the right time to do all my online's things .. 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

passes stuff

for about a month I didn't showed up here,
well, i guess it's pretty enough for me just to post some pics up here for my recent activities :-

-we were studied together before spm coming

hehe, can guess who huh ? stil have a free time to spend with someone special ;)
- find a nice environment just to study
my nephew from Indonesia came, with her mom for Abi's wedding :)
- have to treat them well, show them how beauty our lovely country actually is
my 2nd bro, abi is ady married to his beloved, Kak Siti :)
- went to Machang, Kelantan to celebrate their big wedding on 17th and 18th Nov .

- asked Aishah, my old friend to teach me and Shera in additional Mathematics .
we studied at Giant, while eating. thanx a lot, Aishah :) loveyouu !
- we brought my aunt and his son to feel the experience in LRT, HAHA.
- went to KLCC to release tention too ..
another event were held in my house, I was in my room to take care of this cute kid
- snap a lot of pic using webcam with this such a cute kid [ ika's lil bro, iqmal ]
if you notice, he look like David Archuleta a lil.

think there were a lot of things i didn't update on here, huh ?
-i'm changing from maxis brdbnd to celcom, thanx a lot to Kk Siti :)
what else? oh yea..
- I've been chosen for the National Service
- bt I'm not been chosen for the 1st intake,
some said only the best for the 1st intake, and some said yess, they looking forward for the best school 1st.
hmm.. nvm lahh..
-rite now i've been thinkin to find a job, my 1st job, ev1 ! hee..
-then probably a  license tho.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


tengok tajuk tuuu, hari ini kita berbahasa ibunda, ya!
yep, pagi ni tajuknya, SARAPAN .
pagipagi lagi sarapan aku ialah laptop, HAHA. xD tak mam pape lagii weyh ..
aku tengok kat dapur, selera aku larii
aku tengok dekat meja makan, pergh.. bersepah !
penuh dengan barangbarang hantaran, heee~ abang aku nak nikah dah, nak tengok calonnye
hee~ aku bakal ade akak ipaaar~  korang, ade ke ? HAHA
tapi kan, tak bestnyee, bile ko keluar pegi manemane nanti, orang takan pandang ko,
sebab akk ipar ko lagi lawa dari ko, mcam artis doe =__= kesiann ko dila .. HAHA
meme ler, da ore klate mu dok kecek
korang yang selalu pergi NZX, mesti tertanya tanya kenapa muka akak ni macam familiar erh ?
akk ni dulu kerja dekat 99speedmart dulu, kalau korang selalu tusyen dekatdekat situ,
maybe perasann la kott .
Abang aku dulu slalu dok ushausha akak ni, balik kerja selalu orang India kawan dia hantarkan,
hehe, abi pon ape lagi, ambil peluang lahh..
Kak Siti dengan Abang Abi
yang tangan budak kecil tu anak akak ipar abang aku, hehe, bukan anak mereka ye, belom kahwin lagi.
mereka bakal melangsungkan pernikahan di Kelantan, pada raya haji ni nanti,
dan aku Insya-Allah, takkan pergi, tinggal sorangsorang di rumah +__+
takpe Dila, kita buat pajamas party jomm! banyak la party, SPM la ngekk..
asal la time aku na SPM jugak mereka pilih tarikh ?
aku nak excited pon dah takbole bila fikirkan SPM .

baru aku perasan tajuk kita pagi ni tiada kena mengena ponn =.="

buatt Abang Abi dan Kak Siti, Iya ucapkan: Selamat menjalani kehidupan baru sebagai suami isterii ~ bangbi hutang iya ta bayar lagi tuuuu .. 

Friday, November 5, 2010


yesterday , Shera and I went to Poliklinik Kelana Jaya. at 1st we decided wanna go to UM hospital but then a lot of changes made by Shera =_= soo.. we went to Kelana Jaya je lah..
went there by taxi, been charged RM 9.80 , mahall siot!
we entered the place like " ruse masok kampong " , seriously bcuz that was my 1st time went there without my parents and we were like bodobodo searched for angka giliran.
Shera : mane angka giliran na carik nii ??
Me : err.. nta =_= ko tanye la orang tuuu
Shera : smua orang pandang kite r siott
Me : tu la koo, sape soh pakai vouge2, tengok da mcam artis sesat je kat sini
Shera : cube ko tengok apek tuu... 
Me : pehh, slumber je baju dye, ta mcam ko ! HAHA. hah , tu nurse tu, tanye dye cepatt !
Shera : asik akuu je, ko la pulakk !
:: some stupid conversation between me and Shera 
thank god we finally could handle it by ourselves yesterday.
and we we've been diagnosed and considered as healthy and completely a human, lol
then after checked up everything with the sweeet doctors there, we went to dentist that located just at the upstairs of the place. but there was a condition if you're below 17 years old :
- your teeth can be checked only on Friday with the present of yr parents =_= [ as like we're kids ]
then at noon :
Me : shera, shera !! ko dengar bunyii taa ? 
Shera : ape ape ? ningsun datang ?
Me : hek muu.. tu malam ni doe, jam 9.30 mlam. cube ko dengar betol2
Shera : $#@*&%  +______+
Me : niiii... cube ko rabe perot akuu
Shera : cehh .. cakap je laaa ko keSTARVINGan . jom r g McD
Me : KFC r..
Shera : aku na McFlurry
Me: aku nak cheezy wedges!  ;(  
Shera : McFlurry !
Me: cheezy !
Shera : McFlurry !
Me: aku gget kang !
Shera : aku ngap kang !
:: tibatiba tibatiba tibatiba! suddenly suddenly suddenly ! :, unfortunatelyy.. there was a PakGuard looked at us like looking at OrangAsli baru keluar kandang , then we ran to KFC quickly [ yessss, aku menangg! hee]

at KFC :
we ordered, 2 snack plates, 2 large cheezy wedges + extra cheesy, 2 toasted twister.. [ bapak gile melantak anak dare nii ]
 that abang KFC look at us disbelief .. HAHA
we ate at the upstairs, thankk godd there was nobody looking at us to eat like ta ingat duniaaa =.="
peeerrrrghhhhh... kenyaaanggg weh
Shera : weh, kite try makan pizza cheezzy 6, nak ? teringin r
Me : [ shera ni makan ke ape tadi =.="]  banyaakk duit ko ?
Shera : heee, share2 ar..
Me : ko ade bela pape tak?
Shera : ade, sekoq ikan puyu kat rumah aku, pehal ?
Me : sengall =.=" ko ade bela toyol taa ? perot tu mcam ta reti na kenyang 
Shera : wajik ko !
Me : wajik tu ko, dah dodol tu suami koo
:: oke, another stupid conversation between me and Shera

I know, we're supposed to talk bout SPM's subject as it is just around the corner, yea.. we talk bout it too
 on our way back home 
Shera : badan aku mengalami anearobic respiration, aku penat doe
Me : maknenye segala glucose didalam badan ko tak ter'oxidise' sepenuhnyee
Shera : tu la, sape soh lari2 tadi
Me : dah bas tu lari, kite kejar r
Shera : dey, bas tu segan doe tengok ko
Me : pehal lak ? tengok ko r, da vouge semacamm 
Shera : abes, ko ta vouge r tuu ? dengan gaun putih tuu, cardigan lagii 
Me : dey dey!!
Shera : haktuih, haktuih ! tau r esok na sambot deepavali
Me : dey achi ! ko r !
Shera : dah, diamm.. serabot otak aku dengar suare ko
Me : macam merdu pulak suare ko
:: eventho only 2% we talked bout Bio, but still it was a lesson, kan ?
we reached home at 2pm .. penatt !
already updated in my diary :)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

the Rain

sometimes you wish that the rain can give you some kind of hope and happiness 
as you can play with the weather as it fall,
how nice it would be when you can play during the rainy, 
you wish that it can make you laugh and smile
and even you gain some love from it
you never care how it can affect you 
how bad it can influence your health
how long you can stand when its heavy downpour fall towards you
you don't even care all those things
as long as it give you the love, the hope, and the truth ;( 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

trial SPM's result

I know, I shouldn't get on here as I had promised but isn't that sound too impossible, huh ?
how can you live without knowing anything that is going on? nvm =_= 
i've already felt the feelin for about 2months without those facilities as like you're living in a nut shell we are in Oct, near to the death month, the Nov +_+
probably guessed it,  I've got my trial SPM's result !
well, the result is not as what I've wished for and expected sooo much, kinda worst
but at least I did not failed any of the subjects
I got 5 A's , 1 B , 1 D , 2 E's
E ??!!  eeeew .. ! so near to get G, huh ?
I don't think I've prepared much for the trial so I deserved to get that eeeew grade =.='
way too differ from my 2 last year result of PMR, huh ?
well, don't compare them if you don't feel the situation yet, so much of pressure weh +.+

Saturday, July 31, 2010

this MIGHT be my last post .

MADE BY : muhd redzuwan roszeman
EDIT AND POSTED BY: fadhilah muchlis

   SELOKA 5CAPRICORN 2010         
Assalamualaikum,salam sejahtera
Tirai dibuka pembuka bicara
Mari semua hayati bersama
Pelajar Sains tulen punyer cerita.

5 Capricorn kelas harapan
9A+ jadi rebutan
5 putera,18 puteri punya gerangan
Tahun ini penentu masa depan
from left : PnLogeswary(our mummy ) , PnShaarminy( her bestie )
Puan Logeswary guru kelas kami
Subjek Bahasa Malaysia dekat dihati
Mengajar kami tak henti-henti
Demi menabur jasa bakti

Dialah "moniter" kelas 5C
Ke sana ke mari menyibukkan diri
9A+ matlamat dihati
Che Wan yang empunya diri

Assistant monitor jawatan rasmi
Pembantu setia si abang Wan
Orangnya tinggi sopan sekali
Man Yi sebagai nama panggilan

Minah kecoh di kelas kami,
Sehari tak membebel memang tak sah,
Menjadi 'lawyer' harapan di hati,
Itulah dia gerangan si Nurul Atikah

Pasal makan dialah juara,
Berpangkat 'Ah Long' di kelas kami,
Akademik juga dia juara,
Itulah Chui Yee friendly sekali

SMKLS sekolah kebanggaan
Patrick Starfish hero idaman
Berangan ingin nak jadi jutawan
Ahmad Asshafie punya gerangan

Meliang liuk tari di kepala
Menahan ngantuk merah matanya
Yan Weng Ker empunya cerita
Time guru mengajar pasti terlena

Smart dan bergaya moto hidupnya
Kalau hensem tak apalah juga
Samuel Ching empunya nama
Kalau ketawa bergegar dunia

Bijak pandai gelaran diberi
Seorang yang pemalu setiap hari
Orangnya berisi di kelas kami
Lee Kai Syuan empunya diri

Subang Perdana tempat asalnya
Mantan Ketua Pengawas di sekolah kami
Naib Presiden PBSM itulah pangkatnya
Nomi Juliana nama diberi

Nampak kecil ganas sekali
Bila marah tak sedar diri
Leong Yan Yee memang begini
Tapi kalau bab study rajin sekali

Ara Damansara tempat tinggalnya
Pengawas Pusat Sumber di sekolah kami
Nurasyikin Che Hisham sudah berpunya
'Agak' sopan dan berbudi pekerti

Dari rumah berjalan kaki
Berjalan bersama si adik Mizi
Shikin Rasdi pengawas kami
Seorang yang ceria dan berdedikasi

Cover lawa bila dipuji
Mendandan rambut amat diminati
Tee Zoe Yee empunya diri
Bila bertugas rajin sekali

Berbaju pinafor pakaian rasmi
Rambut diikat kemas sekali
Tan Ching Moon empunya diri
 Kalau bersuara riuh sekali

 Pelajar cina di kelas kami
Datang awal setiap hari
Chan Kar Mun bijak sekali
Panggilan “Chia Ming” sudah sebati

Melukis kartun menjadi hobi
Orangya kecil,cantik sekali
Bila belajar selalu happy
Ang Pui Ling yang bercita-cita tinggi

School prefect tegas orangnya
Suka “Online”tak kira masa
Twitter,Facebook yang jadi mangsa
Fadhilah Muchlis empunya cerita

Nur Shahira gadis perasan
Berlesung pipit manis senyuman
Menjadi jururawat memanglah impian
Melukis pula hobi sampingan

Shikin Hassan nama diberi
Masa bertugas harus ditepati
Memberi nasihat di sana sini
Merupakan pengawas yang berdedikasi

Pengawas PSS tanggungjawab diberi
Masa belajar tekun sekali
Badminton permainan yang diminati
Niko Lai……siapa lagi

Orangya cantik menawan sekali
Mudah sekali untuk didampingi,
Tepi tingkap itulah posisi diri
Lai Kuan Yee tuan punya diri

Pelajar baru di kelas 5C
Tempat duduk di belakang sekali
Siti Ateefah nama diberi
Panggilan 'Kak Tipah' selesa di hati.

SMKLS sekolah idamannya,
Dari asrama berpindah ke sini,
Sunnguh pendiam itulah orangnya,
Nurul Shuhada empunya diri

Sampai disini coretan kami
Salah dan silap harap dimaafi
Hanya untuk menghiburkan diri
Jangan disimpan di dalam hati.. =)

Well, this post could be the last post made by me.. I'll be rarely get on here as the spm is coming soon .. Bt don't worry, i'll be active back after spm ..I've asked CheWan this seloka to be post here, yeah , these all was his idea and I've edited a lil bit ..
* I'm sorry that I've to steal u guys pic that mostly from yr fb's profile. 
* there are some pic that I've to snap it secretly, haha.. and yea I've crop some to get the only pic of em .
* url :