Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Circumstance

yaw ! this is like a month i didn't post anything on here.. huahahahahaha.. I rele don't have much time, and school's like everywhere now.. with all the homeworks given then i've this competition that i've to pratice everyday.. it's the HAFAZAN..oh man ... honestly, I've forgot the surah yassin, I'm dead man ! mummy....!!! help me....!! ;( 
I've been given a responsibility as a president of Puteri Islam again ! huahahahaha... I didn't do much for the club last year, n now i've been given again the responsibility... mybe bcoz this is my last year of school..
not just the president of Puteri Islam, I've been choosen as a secretary of English Club just like last year.. I know, I'm not good enough in English to be selected as an important person in the club, but at least, I've been given a chance, thanx to English Club's members for trusting me again..weeeee;)  n thanx to Fatyn for doing the report, wakakaka...
what else ea ? oh ya, I also been selected as the secretary of Rumah Biru.. phew..
what the common things here ? all the position I'm holding now been chosen by teachers, using their veto voting for me, except for others position..

p/s: Miss Suraya ask our class to do the abbreviation of our names.. n i did it..
  • F ~ fetching ( urm, not rele though ) 
  • A~ affectionate ( haha )
  • D ~ delightful ( ngee )
  • H ~ humble ( well, no doubt  )
  • I ~ indulgent ( hell yea )
  • L ~ loyal ( i'll try, i'm at the opposite of it )
  • A ~ awe-inspiring ( don't think so )
  • H ~ hilarious ( sometimes )
* I know, some of those words aren't rele describe me myself bt some are, bt i hope  i will remain at the positive side n will try avoiding the bad side of me.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Photos Judgement

This morning, I went for jogging with Shera.. fuh, after a week school kan, stress! and a special thanks to Shera for lending me her stuff ,( girls stuff, LOL ) I'm desperately need it ..! MUAHAHAHA..
While we were jog, Shera told me that Amirul kinda mad at me..ok, what I've done ? then abruptly my mind caught the reason. It was all bcoz of the photo comments I sent to him..Well, he asked me to comment his pix, so I did ya know, I didn't left any good comments for his pix, it was all the cynic criticism..ok, it was all my fault.. I didn't rele mean it, it was all for joking.. but he didn't think so coz I didn't put any 'laughing words', ya know like ' haha, hehe, hihi, huhu, lol '.. k wateva la..
When I heard Shera told me bout Mirul this morning, I was like, ' why all of sudden he bcame such an emo person ? ' He should read my comments towards Syikin Hisham ! I never gave any nice comments to her ( wait, I didn't left any harsh word to him ) bcoz it gonna sounds rele weird... ya, deadly weird ! usually I gave nice comments towards ppl I just know or just met and when I feel I wanna too.. These explain a lot why he looks weird to me at school.. He mad at me.. It was all for fun, it was joking.. he took it seriously.. Plus, how come I can give nice comments to a person who always treat prefects badly.. How badly I wanna defend myself , stil couldn't change his anger.. what else can I say ? To AMIRUL, I'm rele sorry for all the comments I sent to u, u asked it from me, I gave it, bt u didn't satisfied n get mad, u wanna ppl to praise yr pix, ok..I get it.. and I rele rele sorry ..=(

p/s : I never ask from ppl to comment my pix xcept my classmate, even him ! it's up to them la I've no probs if ppl ask me to comment theirs..

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

syikin hisham's date..fuh

hey! I'm about to go to my tuition centre, but stil have time to get on here.. this is because of Syikin Hisham who desperately wanna see a very good friend of her.. she got trouble finding what she's gonna wear to see 'him'..ok, i gtg now...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

1st day of alma mater

My 1st day of school was great.. everything were stil the same as last year.. the only problem was our principle seems mad with candidates' of pmr coz of their latest results.. the result percentage drop badly.. no wonder la.. so this year is kinda pressure for the pmr candidates of 2010.. good luck, yea.. not only them feel the pressure , as spm's victims of 2010, we feel the same especially when we found out our principle rele put a big hope on us..  fuh..
so, maybe i'll get on here rarely coz of no time for this.. plus, our mummy ( Pn Loges ) had warning us this morning.. no more on9-ing..!! but it's ok, I've my another diray that I write only to be read by myself.. private diary, ma.. not like this blog.. so open..

Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year 2010 !

finally, another new year have come again.. here r come 2010 ! the year where we spend time to its been 12 minutes from the new year time .. I celebrated just now with Syikin Hisham on YM.. we've been discussed a lot of things.. especially SPM ! and our ages that getting older now..I rele hope I can do better in this 2010 ...