Saturday, March 27, 2010


oh, how I rele rele sad this mornin when lookin at my friends in grouping doin their chemistry's report together, while I was stuck alone doing the stupid-nonsense-job ! Their chemitry's report almost done, while mine is stil full with white paper ! I have to update AGAIN the list of discipline's case.. and no one was help me ! all I got is only sympathize from Nurul Ashikin Rasdi .. and she just help me by looking at how I doin it and just sayin , ' kesiaaaanye ko ' .. dats all !
there are lot of mistakes in the namelist that I've to tell  to PnAsong, and I was looking for her around the school this morning without the pass class.
my eyes starts to burst out the tears but I keep myself quiet doin the non-sense job !
as a matter of fact, I'm jealous with their free time that they can fulfilled it by finishing all the homeworks given in class while me stuck with the namelist of SMKLS students ;(
oh Allah, plz give me the strength to face this..

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Happy sour 7teen birthday, NURUL ATIKAH AMSUAR !

on 18 March : happy birthday to u, happy birthday to u, happy birthday to Ika, happy birthday to u......
 happy sweeeet 7teen birthday, Ika ! yea,  17 years old we've been friend. as u said, when we were inside our mum's belly, we were connected to each other.. u r the longest friendship I've ever had with.. and you are just like my sister to me since I've no sister .. 
wishing u to have great life ahead and  get an excellent result for spm ! amin..

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Muhammad Syazwan bin Khairuddin

he looks like a baby girl, aint him ? n look how cute he looks like...
He came to my house with Syera... Syera have to babysit him.. but since Syera came to my house to on9, I took care of him.. luckily, he's not naughty like other kids..
I gave him to play with my gigantic bear, but he showed not much interest towards it, mybe cuz he's a baby boy.. he like to do the up-side-down body .. I scared he might fall, bt nah.. he used to do that.. yea, Dek Wan!

Giant Mall

Ika, Syera and I went to the Giant Mall at KJ on Tuesday to buy school's stuff.. honestly, I've no wherewithal nemore, but I'm in needed test pad badly, so I've to join them too
bought the stuff here, there's no other place..huhu
lunch time, we ate at the food court there
half pic of ika, sorry dear
ika was text-ing with someone..  * ceh khusyuk gile, org snap pon ta sdar !
since on Thursday is Ika's bday, shera bought sumthin for Ika .. Ika chosed it by herself, can guess where the place is huh ? haha
I've give the clue edy.. hehex
otw back, we've to use the longest overpass I've ever met.. phew.. * snap curik2, pdan muke !
then we reached home, they said wanna loafing at my house, so I waited for them bout an hour , then Ika called, she cancelled it.. grrr.. it was a tiring day tho

Friday, March 5, 2010

I'm tired

I've no idea how long i can stand to hold this position in prefect.. only this weeks already 3 days i entered class late.. twice for Physics' class, i dunno anymore how to explain this to Pn Sarina..
I've to handle the students who r late until they fill up the form for late case..
this morning I entered late for Math Mod class, luckily Pn Wong understand..

and I rele rele appreciate and a big thanks to Noreen Suzana for her helping hand for this 2 days.. she helped me a lot.. next week, she wont be at the gate anymore with me, I dunno if I can do this job alone.. Noreen is rele nice, I feel like wanna hug her but I know I'll make her annoyed by doing that.. actually she don't have to be at the discipline room with her 1st period class is chemistry class, but she remain stay with me, thanx a lot Noreen ...!!!

you've no idea how I hate the students who are always late !

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Duty =_=

okay, being a prefect is stressfull, and it turn to more more stress  when u're the senior and u have high position to hold in the organisation ..
well, i know i'm not holding the highest position in prefect's organisation but at least i have one.. i'm the one who have to check every single name of student who are always late and to update the data frequently..the way to handle this kinda strict with filing system.. with spm that i'm going to sit this year, i don't think i'm the suitable person to handle that case.. i've already told Nomi as the President of Prefect about this, but she said I've to sacrifice this only for 4 months.. oke, we'll see bout another 4months..will we be given the duty fairly or not ?

and being a prefect is not mean we're perfect ! oke, as a prefect, we have to be perfect in everything, but we're not perfect..
every Monday, the prefects have to handle the formal assembly and there was a time I became the host.. what made me exasperate here is every teachers gave us differents instruction to do..
that was what happend when i became the host last month..
when I gave the students instruction to stand up and started to ask them to sing the official songs, Mr Ghana came to me and said that I've to make sure that all students have stand properly.. so the assembly started kinda late.. and at the end of the assembly,we've to sing the school's song so I tried to make sure the students stand up properly again but then the principle kinda mad at me coz I made the assembly become longer.. I became confused there, whom i supposed to listen to ?

and there's a teacher who complained to our discipline teacher that prefects didn't do our duty to admonish student especially in the early morning, some prefect didn't ask the student to take out the book to read for Sinar Pagi programme.. here is the logic, if the teacher saw the student didn't take out the book to read, why not just teacher go ask the student by herself ? why must pointed to the prefects ?

it's not that I want to deny my duty as a prefect, but at least dont give us too much pressure here.. and we're trying our best!