Friday, April 30, 2010

I'm sux

I just came back from school bout hours ago, and rushingly I prepared myself perfectly. We've got plan to KLCC to redeem from Petronas, the money of Shera's mum. and maybe after that we're going to SungaiWang just to see some stuff that can catch our attention eventho we rele don't have any money. But then , after I've dressed up, I look at mirror , guess who have I seen ? well of coz me myself. I seen a cute me. bt when I bring the mirror out to the brighter place, I can see the real face of me ! oh God ! rele fulll of pimples and black+whiteholes and scars from the pimples,ew, the ugly meh ! and my self-confidence drop as a  quickly I called Syera to say I'm sorry that I can't join them due to sumthin that can't be avoided.
erm, that's myself is.. I'm lack of confidence and err.. I won't show them. I know, I'm sux ..

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

my essay :)

finally ! I'm done with my ULBS .. I got 30 over 40 for it. I asked Ken Hisham, how was my performance, she said my voice kinda soft, is my voice always soft ? or maybe because of my sore throat, urgh.. nevermind la kaaan... as long as I've get over it.
the ULBS for BM is over, bt for BI is waiting pulekssss.., haih..
mentionin bout BI, I got praised by Miss Suraya for my essay..
bt she said the essay is lack of narrative words and she said that our class probably lack of vocab, that was our weakness for essay.
this is my essay is :-

       I tip toe silently towards the door but suddenly ' Fadhilah ! ' .. and my heart beat faster.. how come she can detect my presents there ? I had been caught again by Miss Maria for escaping from her class. She always can find where I will be and this time she looks like a wild female lion who was waiting for her time to blow her tantrums. And I was right because once I walked near to her, I got slap at my cheek in front of other students. I can tell that my cheek is started to blush in red as I can feel the hot air burnt inside my body.
     whoah....Miss Maria, who doesn't know her ? She is my English teacher that I struggled that year to get away from her class. I will never forget her after what she has done to me. I can tell that she is pretty, yup, she is pretty because of the way she is, the way she behave and I adore that from her.
     No doubt, the first time she entered my class, I already hate her and tried to avoid from her. I hate her because I hate the subject that she teaches, English. The subject that I never get passed, and always been marked by red colour in my record book. She just introduced herself on that day and we made an eye contact when she realise my annoyed face that I did while she was talking. Since that, she knew my name and how I hate her.
       Surprisingly, she never care what I feel towards her. She acted like she never knew it and treated me equally as other studennts. I always tried to take some times during her lessn going to toilet, I tried not to be in her class longer, but finally she found out my trick. Since then, she refused to let me be out from her class.
     I also admire her patient towards stubborn student like me. She never get tired of me and tried to get my attention during her lesson. I admit she is really good in teaching that sometimes she really did caught my attention. Maybe because of her funny attitude and no wonder my classmates never get bored when in her class. But the stubborn me never let her to win my heart and do what she asked. I tried other way that I skipped from her class.
     As she found out too as many times I did it, she called me to her staff room. She tried to do phsychological method towards me. I was right again when she asked me what was my problem. I have no idea where I got the gut from when my mouth quickly answered that my problem is herself, I told her everything that I hate her with her subject. She just listened and smile while I feel annoyed with her smile, and she asked what I want from her. I replied that I want no more red colour been marked for English in my record book. Then, she made a deal with me ; if I pay attention and do as she said in class, she'll try not to mark it with red pen.
     I do not know why my instinct instructed me to follow what she asked. Yea, I did what she asked me to do. She is not that mean as I always I think she is. During her lesson, I always gave her my feedback. Since then, her class have become my favourite subject. And when the test for English, I have no idea how I can answer it easily.
     The most shocked thing was when I got back my English paper, and I been announced that I have passed it with flying colours. When I checked my answer, it was correct as what I answered, it was not because of Miss  Maria gave it for the deal, but finally I think I kew the correct answer. Miss Maria congratulated me and I hugged her for what she had done for me. I appreciate every single words she said as an advice to me and the slap to wake me up. She is the best teacher I ever had and her image will always in my mind as she is the unforgettable teacher in my school.

I thought I wanna put Miss Suraya instead of Miss Maria but then I thought again that Miss Suraya never looks like female lion and never slap her own student :)
and yea, I've changed a lil the essay as what Miss Suraya have corrected it .

Monday, April 26, 2010

urgh.. 2 hours of sleep

wooow ! this is my first time to have only less than 2 hours of sleep !
can imagine how am I gonna be at school today huh ?
I did all the homeworks given and also some preparation for ULBS, gosh !
and I'm so grateful to have such a supporting family who never asking too much questions why am I stil not asleep ? in fact, they ask me what I'll need, and I asked for 2 cups of coffee and a benjo..
first time in my life too drinking too much of coffee, well..
less than 2 hours of sleep, how am I gonna deal with that today ?
especially my eyes.
and I'm shivering rite now thinkin of my spontaneous ULBS ! urgh...

Sunday, April 25, 2010

heartless !

dear my blog, I wanna screaaaam out loud !
oh dunno how to describe my feelin now..
my friends say it's like impossible if they ask me whether I'm hurt or not,
cuz for them I'm a blur person, sum1 with no real feeling..
bt how come, rite..I'm a normal person. not ALLIEN. I know la maybe my face looks like an ALLIEN,
bt of coz la, I'm a human born with feelings..
just a minutes ago, I was texted with him,
he's  heartless !
and I know I'm so wretched .. :(

firefly :)

the song that I rele like so much :)
altho it's not the latest one, bt I damn love it

you would not believe your eyes,
if ten million fireflies,
light up the world as I fell asleep,
cause they fill the open air,
and leave teardrops everywhere,
you'd think me rude but I would just stand and stare.

* I'd like to make myself believe,
that planet earth turns slowly,
it's hard to say that I'd rather stay awake when I'm asleep,
cause everythin is never as it seems ( when I fall asleep )

cause I'd get a thousand hugs
from ten thousand lightning bugs,
as they tried to teach me how to dance,
a foxtrot above my head,
a sockhop beneath my bed,
a disco ball is just hanging by a thread..
repeat *

leave my door open just a crack, ( please take me away from here )
cause I feel like such an insomniac, ( please take me away from here )
why do I tire of counting sheep, ( please take me away from here )
when I'm far too tired to fall asleep,
to ten million fireflies,
I'm weird cause I hate goodbyes,
I got misty eyes a they said a farewell,
But I'll know where several are,
If my dreams get real bizarre,
cause I saved a few and I keep them in a jar.
repeat * ( 3x )
because my dreams are bursting at the seams..

Saturday, April 24, 2010

school on weekend

there are lots of reasons why I feel dont wanna attend school today:-
-firstly bcuz of when I wake up this mornin , my left side ear feel damn pain as there's sumthin stuck inside
-I was half-deaf in school, seriously man !
-I can also feel the pain along my throat like the sore throat's cuming
-there's a big pimple at the centre of my forehead, and that rele makes me looks like the cartoon character in dragon ballz, ya know, the one with 3 eyes ( I've forgot the name )
-I was not ready yet for the ULBS!
-lots of my hw that have to be done !
-my mind is already set for holiday time on saturday
-I was never skip school
-I hate writing a letter as the evidence for not skipping school
and etc..
bt there's only 1 reason that make me stil went to my beloved school today ; I'm a spm's victim , a lot of things I've to learn...
bt then I feel kinda regretted to not just skip school, cuz a lot of teachers were absent and there's no lesson we've learnt today..
and the only thing we did today is went to the caunselling room just to take the color personality test and career test.. while during Pn Norisha's lesson, she continue the test, kinda differ test, using her small notebook.
from the color personality, I was a blue-type of person.
blue is describe as a romantic and a person who loves peaceful . and there are lots of decription of it.
while career test wasn't help me much, guess..
and PnNorishah's test was base on our birth's date. and I was labelled as soil-type person..
I've forgot the description as I don't rele believe on this cuz a lot of it describe each person positively as there's no negative things.. >_<

Thursday, April 22, 2010

my thursday of school

bcuz of my beloved juniors ; Kimmy Khoo and NurfatinHafiza who keep always ask me to update my blog and the post here, so here i am again tellin what was I've been through today.
got nuthin much things up on school, just another supernatural happen again towards another form3 girl.
haih, what a creepy school have I study at ?
and this morning the form5 students have a seminar with MrFrancis from what school erk ? urgh, ive ady forgot it. he's a teacher too
it was about the tips on how to answer English paper for this coming SPM.
the teacher kinda funny tho.
he told us how the bad essay and an excellent essay were writen. he read for us for some of the sample of the past year students' essays.
you wont believe how it was written ! it was damn funny , man .. and they got only 1/40 mark. poor huh ?
bt if I have to mark the essay , mybe i'll give 2/40 . 1 extra marks from me for making me laugh out loud !
then we got extra times for recess this morning cuz we've been out from the Bilik Wawasan kinda late,
and at canteen, OH GOD !  safiq tahar rele made me feel ashame + pain . ashame cuz his hand suddenly have hit my left breast. damn pain ! I hope that none of his friends saw where was his hand have hit the part of my body. rele shame man ! bt i know it was not his fault at all, it was all of sudden, when i was on my way to the sink. =_=
i hope the incident wont stop the growing of my left side breast as i've made an operation 2 last years for it to stay health.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


he's our ketua kampung in 5Capricorn class.
he likes to help MrShamsul with the PAsystem.
he'll be everywhere to help teachers.
he's not just like to help the teachers but also his friends.
i admire some of yr attitude eventho ppl keep laugh toward u.
and today, on the 21st of April,
is his precious day,
kuiz : adik beradikkah mereka berdua itu ?

just sum up

hey, hi, hui ,holla to all the bloggerssss...
yea, it's been a week i didn't post anythin up here due to my unfunctionin-hella-broadband..
i juz wanna give my opinion base on the camp that i attend on the 16th of April..(walaupon da basi)
i think i went there bcuz of the keterpaksaan as I am a from 5 .
and overall the camp was bored as what i've expected..
bt there was an incident during the camp that have scared everyone,
that have ruined my sleep, and i think everyone shouldn't be too superstitious.
there was a girl who had been possessed that nite and had woke ev1 from sleep,
once i knew who was the girl, i was not as shock as ev1 else cuz i ady know she always been possessed.
bt when i want to continue back to my sleep, my pal beside me seems so shocked that disturbed my sleep again..=_=
i know that girl will be fine, eventho she continue to scream ..
what the outcomes from the camp, erk ?
well, i think the most part that i like is the part where we've been given a motivation from PnRafida from UPM.
she's rele good in giving a motivation.
honestly, she have wake me up from my long sleep. LOL. not that usual sleep, i mean from my enjoy time.
i should have prepare for my spm. she's rele have made me think that i only have to study hard and bersusah payah for only this year , less that 7months just to get a 'marvellous' result...
to achieve a success is not that easy but to ruin evthin, it's just that simple, u just don't have to do anythin.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Berjaya College

on 11th of April, some of the form 5 went to the Berjaya College of Hospitality . a lot of things we learn there. and I just knew that Starbucks, Kenny Rogers, 7Eleven and a lot more actually belong to the Berjaya group. they have other Berjaya outside the country such as at Hawaii Berjaya, Melbourne, and urgh forgot ady.
as a frank word here, when compared the Berjaya and UM last week, I think Berjaya was not that bored. plus, it was fun tho.
he was our guider there, I've forgot his name. he rele reminds me of 1 of the character in Harry Potter. If I'm not mistaken, the Peter Petigrew.. haha kinda la..
our breakfast there. yea, doa 1st k...
after breakfast, we've been showed by the guider to some places. this is the 1st place. he showed us the environment of Berjaya College if we study there. they keep sayin that if we study at Berjaya College, we'll gonna feel the real experience of our job.
here are the environment at the Berjaya College,if we're the students there.
if u're one of the student of Berjaya College, u can get to work here during your free time (weekend) and if u've graduated, u may get the opportunity to work at some of the Berjaya places that belong to them such as 7Eleven.
then, we've been given the demonstration on how to cook the pasta. the chef  said there are many types of pastas and I'm not rele sure what kind of pasta he cooked for us.
and this is what he cooked just now. he studied evthing bout cookin from France.
next, we've been showed on how to decorate sumthin using sugars. he was the chef there. not rele sure what's his name.huhu
the result .. cool huh ? it may looks easy but if u try,phew.. tell u what, this is for who have a lot of patience. this chef learn the skill from German. he studied there. what he had taught us is if u wanna reshape the sugar, have to make sure the temperature of the sugars is in 80 degree celcius.
ngee;) otw for praying..
the activities we did there. huhu.. stil can remember Syera have to run twice around the room to make sure the highest hat that we made won't fall.. hahaha
saw them at the main hall of Times Square otw back to our bus.
the names who went there from 5capricorn only 4 of us including chewan, 5 ! hehehe ^^

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Kenny's house

yesterday I went to CheHisham's coz his beloved daughter wanna borrow my lappy instead of using hers. actually her microsoft word can't give cooperation to her, that's why she asked mine..

see? 2 laptops were used there. we rele need to finish all the hw given before Sunday coming coz we've a vacation to Berjaya Hotel. But before we started our hw, Nicholas called, he wanna pick all of us up from Ken's house to school coz he said teachers rele need our help for English Week. we're kinda busy and his request was all of sudden without our permission. and I dont rele care when he treated our position in English Club. the hw is rele important ! u've no idea how many our hw are..

and as usual, our hw was not 100% finished since Ken have plasma tv and there were 2 laptops there..

watched this drama through the internet on portal tv3.
thanx to Ken for the chocolates drink and the food !
love it! datang t, wat agi tau

Friday, April 9, 2010

I won ! ^^


WALAWEYH, WEH WEH WEH WEH !!!!! AKU MENANG !!!!! KAYAAAAA!!!! WAKAKAKAKAKA!!!! 9mil already !! another 200k to reach the pro 10mil title, wish me lucccck !!!

omg ! omg ! like there's butterfly inside my stomach, not bcuz i'm nervous ! but this is the feelin of VICTORY !

Thursday, April 8, 2010

^^ ..hee

I've break the rule ! wakakakaka..what rule ? to not play the poker nemore..I just can't, once i get on here... just watch other ppl playin around the table had made my stomach vibrate like there's a butterfly inside, and and and yea I played just now, and guess what ? I won !! 2mil again ! now I got 7.9mil.. ngeee heee... another 2mil to get the pro10mil title.. yay !

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

the insanity of meee

Alhamdulillah..Thanks, Allah ! I'm still breath in ! phew, I though I'm gonna die since I'm at the exam's week..

ya, thanx to Biology coz of the characteristics of alveolus have made the pathway of oxygen easier to diffuse in and out. Terima kasih juga kerana telah membuat kelancaran Bahasa saya menjadi sangat efisien ( is my Bahasa is in correct spelling and grammar ? lic ) ..Then maybe I can make the premise 1 : if the moist structure is one of the characteristics of alveolus,then Dila will still alive, is it a false or true statement erh ? yea, absolutely the true statement !

How can I determined it ? it's simple ! bcuz Dato' Maharajalela have ask me to study the history of my own body instead of the history of Perak. But I rather learn the idioms as it's easier as a piece of cake and will not judge me as an idiot person as I'm rich with the idioms .. oke, what am I talkin bout actually ?

grrr... maybe becuz of my vacation to Athens had made my mind in blurr whether we're in monarki or oligarki ? I hope I wont get the answer in any vector or logarithm form, bcuz it will double decompose my mind and will harder the process of reduction in my body, it related ? bt if it rele happen, I'll need 2hydrogen plus oxygen as many as I can get..

p/s : I bet no one can understand what I was typed on here cuz  mybe due to the exam's week had driving me insane and causes me to type anythin that circle in my mind..=_=

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

padan muke aku >_< ....

since I've already got 6mil yesterday, wow ! ahaha.., i'll try to not play the poker coz I know the amount of the chips will decrease if I continue play it..

and not just that, yesterday after winning the big chips i've ever had, ( 2mil teros menang, vangga3 ! ) and now become 6 mil, I try to promise myself to not ever play the TEXAS HOLD'EM POKER .. bcuz yesterday , oh man how many times I repeat it ? oh, just twice.. after winning it, the excitement of winning had made me oversleep till 6 o'clock in the morning, and guess what ?
 I didn't do any revision for today's exam !
*cuak gile weyh, memang MATI la aku...SEJARAH ! grrr... 
 i'd just monologing to calm myself down, ' relax ,dila ..this just akher penggal exam, not a mid year pon ' ...  oh, i don't believe me myself can  just say like that, where's the old me ? the old me who always afraid of coming exam , no matter what kind of exam and always be prepared.. oh, Allah me by finding the real me..
and today also just get back Biology paper , I got 77% and ChuiYee is the highest followed by Syikin Hisham.. I hope I won't fail any of the exam papers although it's not the mid year pon...

Monday, April 5, 2010

erm.. the heart does the saying

I don't know what was wrong with me? I feel so weak, so lazy and have no such interest on life.. and the most freaking me out is I have lost my passion towards study.. everytime I want to start doing the revision,I'll feel sleepy , or I'll do other things, there are always sumthin that distract my attention to not doing revision.. and and and I feel rele bad and so sad coz I 've no idea why my instinct does say that rite now I'm too far away from Him now,although I always did everythin He asked me to do.. I feel like I've been left alone here, and I miss Him so much that I wanna cry.. mybe what I did for Him is not enough yet...yea, no one can repay what he already gived to everyone..No matter what, I'll try to get Him back in my heart, keep Him in my mind ..

Saturday, April 3, 2010

away to Universiti Malaya

before starting to type on here, I just drop at Kimmy's blog.. oh, I admire yours too beside fatin's..  I can feel my feeling mix when I read your blog just like the way u feel.. keep on writing,dear..
oke, what my routine today ? urm.. me with my friends ( 5 Capricorn, 5 aquarius, and some of 4 capricorn ) went to Universiti Malaya (UM) ..both syikin hisham and shikin hassan were not with us today coz they have other plans..
just 4 of them including meee.., 5 of us !
yea, went there coz of there was an ekspo bout sc =_=
to be frank, the ekspo kinda booored ...!
and to cheer up myself, i just took pictures everything that I seen there......
while took this pic, I wandered is this building was half-build ?
before entering the exhibition's ground, we've been given the form  for lucky draw..
bt from our school, Kai Syuan was the only lucky one who managed to get the price..huhu ^^
1st thing that I saw when we entered the place

then when we finished walk around the place, we went back at the front hall of the place..
and our tangan jadik gatal to conteng the kertas that was hanging there.. actually not conteng, we were just put out signature there..
bt then Nomi the 1st one realized that actually the paper there is special for Maya Karin's signature as the model of 'Go Green' campaign..
phew, afraid if sum1 might see and mad at us, we quickly move out from the front hall to the outside of the hall which have some activtities..
these were the activities that we did:-

this are not our hands, lol.. this was done by 5aquarius' guys..
my fav, ngee.. there were some stall too.. I can't stand the smell of this cup corn, so just bought it..
and that we've finished the activities there too and went back to the front hall. we can go back home at 2 o'clock bt we stil have lot of time there so we just sat at the front hall..
coz of boring of waiting for soo long, we listened the 'speech' given by Ckgu Aizuddin.. haha
while Shera and me as the vip there just sit and listen to the boring speech..bla..bla..
LOL ! 
if half of the day u spend most of yr time at the same place, u'll never forget to spend yr time at here too
then syera and I ronda-ronda around the place where we can meet the best place to snap pictures..
we've been there last year too if I'm not mistaken to watch the opera concert..
this been snap by ckgu aizuddin, while me refuse to let him snap the picture coz I'd look badly sleepy
bt then I surrendered after been forced..=_=
things that me n shikin rasdi did on the way back home on the bus..+_+
zzzzzz.. it was a tiring day tho..
if without my BFF, today might be hella bored..
bt after all, it was ok2 la..