Wednesday, May 5, 2010

ape yang penting ????

kerjasama....! yay!
everything have back to normal again. the brick is over! lol. we did the invention together,cooperate as a team class, but the creation has not done yet.
we did the pokok thing.. yea, agk serabut cket
the 'earth' that was half design.
ngeee :)
we did it after the extra class of English have finished .
and hurriedly went to Peralihan wonder the class looks ugly.haha
so today reached home a bit late ..penat seyh !

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Bicker

this morning went to school as usual, then got complained by Shikin Rasdi that me being too nice as a prefect. she complainted that the late case shouldn't be handle by me again starting the establishment of new comittes yesterday. I know, I should be proud  cuz being praised as 'too nice' , bt nah, I feel a bit hurted cuz I know she just insinuated me. bt like I care, I ady know how her laser mouth always acted. lol.
then during recess time, prefects from 5c went for duty kinda late cuz we went to eat 1st then only went for duty..hehe..we know, we shouldn't do this bt we feel kinda dissappointed cuz we didn't been treated like prefects of form5 last year. they been given a break for a half year ! how so not fair !

after recess pulak,
we've a fight with budak cine pulak.. it's not like fighting that u always seen in tv show bt a bit psychological's fight.'s all about the Science&Math week that we've to create a thing that base on science theory. and as usual anything that needed a cooperation, we're hardly get it from chinese. it's not they're not cooperate but just they always put the malays to do all those things. ya know, since we were in form1, they're never changed. even our class teacher did realize their attitude since last year as she started teach us from 2009. everything that involve our class mostly only malays who always manage it. so..who can stand in this situation rite ? neither did us. so Shikin Rasdi again stand up and speak up for the malays telling them their bad attitude, then there was a silent for a moment before Yanyee replied 'ok, malay do for malay, chinese do for chinese' ..that she means for the creation of science.
then after a few mins, after we went to laboratory, as usual, we feel kinda guilty cuz there's a feelin that we're kinda racism. and during English period, the chinese groups asked MissSuraya to take her time to discuss bout the invention of science..then the chinese explained to us that they don't always have free time to do most things, errr.. can we accept the reason ? hmmmm......

Monday, May 3, 2010

prefect, prefects and prefectss ..

I didn't post anythin up here on my past weekend due to lack of time.. well, on Saturday, I went to my future sister-in-law's house as her mother from Kelantan is at her home. and not just bcuz of that, our parents have to discuss bout the date of their coming married ( urgh, my bro's gonna get married soon ! ) .. and we went there and were served with Nasi Kerabu .. and damn! it was my 1st time eating them, nasi kerabu have to be served with Budu and I was like bodo2 dunno bout those things, and jgan harap aku na sentuh Budu ! kang ttibe muntah gak kat rumah makcik tuuu.. and none of the dishes I took there, the only dish I took was the Keropok Ikan that can be served with that Nasi Biru (Kerabu).. thank God la there have Keropok Ikan, if not, I dunno if I'll take the Budu or not.. and maybe I can't eat up all the Nasi Biru tu.. dunno la how am I gonna handle with different culture if soon i'll get a sister-in-law.

then the next day, on Sunday, Syera, my parents and I went to my house at Puncak Alam where near to Shera's new house. well, the house is half builded, not fully builded yet..
as my parents went to Shera's house, me and Syera visited Yulia's house,which is around there too. and we talk bout lot of things especially bout the Prefect Organisation as Yulia is the deputy of the Prefect in SMK Puncak Alam. well, their way to handle students is  differ compared to my school. they're rele strict in handling student. it's not that we're not strict but they are kinda fierce towards the students. for instant , she told me that her groups of prefects have to chase a student almost around the school just bcuz they saw the student bring a cell phone to school. well, even our prefect in school too bring the cell phone, how we're going to chase a student just bcuz a cell phone ? lol. and as the deputy, she said that their head prefect can't do his duty well as he's a guy and from science stream class, so when there's a meeting, she's the only one who will speak up. she always give a warning that prefect who are act soft way to handle students is not allowed in her organisation, and tell you what, there are a lot of prefects who acted that way in my school . sooo differ, huh ?

the recitation of prefect's pledge today
ngeeee.. smile :)
and today on the 3rd of Mei, Monday, is the day of nomination for the prefects. so congratulate for those who have been given the opportunity to hold the position in prefect's organisation, the prefects who teachers can rely on. the only problem was the students believe that the form5 prefects were been given the title as 'Mantan' as last year prefects, but PnAsong didn't allowed that, she said there's no 'Mantan' in her organisation, so our duty as a prefect is not stop and can't be denied yet. they even said that the form5 prefects don't have the power as a prefect to admonish them again. who the hell they think they are ? they don't have any right to determine our power, so just shut their fuck mouth up !
if only PnAsong can give us the Mantan title :(