Thursday, June 24, 2010

life goes on....

dear my blog, i miss u so much ... mmmuuaahhhxxx !! :*
haha, sory that I can't always update my routine on here due to my spm that coming soon.
a lots of story I wanna share here, but I think there are some things that we have to keep it secret :(
bt yea.. I rele wanna talk bout it so badly..
nvm, just be patient, Dila .. hee :P 
this weeks rele make me fatigue 24-hours that I wish I could always be on my comfy bed ..
2 weeks of holidays rele had pampered me too much .
and now we've been given a lot of assignment to be done soon.
our result of the mid term  rele dissappointed our teachers .
I dunno why I feel so sad when my teacher said 
" if u're just takin an exam, bt u can just leave it blank , sorry to say, I think u don't have to come to take the exam, u'll just make the percentage of the result become worst "  towards us in 5C . =='
we're rele sorry teacher, myvbe we din give all our effort on the past mid term :(

Friday, June 4, 2010

The Honorific

WOOHOOOOOO.... DEAR MY BLOG AND ALL THE BLOGGERSSSS, MID TERM have come to an END ! WHOAHHH..... how great it sounds huh ?
and that means say hello to SCHOOL HOLIDAYS.. !!
and definitely there are lots lots lots of homeworks have been given to meeee.... + my cliques too..
mentionin bout them, we got plan to do during these cumin school holidays .. that include school project. haih =_= well, that's how the feelin when u're the spm's victim ..
u only can feel happy when u're with yr friends .. believe me.
I realize now, being closed to them have make me call them by using their unique names..
for instant :-
--> NURUL ATIKAH AMSUAR : since we were kids, I call her Ika, bt nowadays, she got other names, it's KAKA .. shorten from her name Ika that given by mee..ahaha.. she like it even tho it sounds like orang asli.. she said she din mind cuz there's footballer's named Kaka.. wakakakaka..
--> NURASYIKIN CHE HISHAM ( the spec ):  I called her Syikin. she's the only one who have a lot of names.. some which she made by herself. such as Syicos ( combination of Syikin and Marcos - hero of  LaMujerEnElEspejo) , Syithew ( combination of Syikin and Matthew - vocalist of Muse ) , and Ken.. the last time she asked us to call her as Kent , so that it will be the same as the name of hero of smallville, Clark Kent. last year, we're kinda bitchy that we would call each other as '_itch' and try to hide it as Botch. I shared that name with her too.. bt then her bf found out and forbid us from calling each other like that.  so, recently I call her Ken now, bt I make it sounds better, I always call her KENICHIWA ! ahahaha..
--> NURSHAHIRA IDRIS : . we called her Syera a long time ago before PnArmiah gave her special name, she call her Shaherot, bt then it become shorter, Syerot. now, almost every students in our school call her Syerot. and Syikin Rasdi call her Cerot and sumtimes Cencorot ( that kind of animal ) . bt Syera seems annoyed with those names, and I tried to make her happy by calling her RARA, from her original name Shahira.
---> NOMI JULIANA : everyone who knows her call her Nomi.. we thought wanna call her Mimi and then Nicholas have shorten it to Noms sumtimes, sounded like soo English .. bt Shikin Hassan prefer to call her as Momot. bt most of our friends call Nomi as MI
 --> NURUL ASHIKIN HASSANas there are 3 person who named Shikin in our class, we call her by using her dad's name, Hassan. and as usual, we've shorten it to SAN . ahahaha
 -->NURUL ASHIKIN MOHAMED RASDI ( in purple ) : we also call her by using her dad's name, Rasdi.. bt I prefer to call her as NURUL as it's her nick-name among her family cuz she used to call me as Iya, my nick in my family..

well, wateva I call their name are, they're stil the same, they are my cliques.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

thanx, AMI ! ^ ^

weeeyh... rele a long time I din get on here!!! my parents sabotage my brdband, they refused to pay it till my examination finished ! haha.. bt a rele big thanx to my deaaaaar big bro, ABG AMI kuu sayaaaaang... haha.. he paid for it, RM170.00 ! poor him, he got a fever just after watching cinema together with my cliques.. bt stil, he was able to pay my brdband :)
so there are lot lot of story I din mention up here..
never mind la, let be by gone, be by gone..
let just look forward and just focus on my exam, yeay !
wooooow, tomorrow's gonna be my last paper ! physics and chemistry, the last paper ev1 !

oh, my bro just came back.. and WO , what a surprise ! He bought the expensive NASI LEMAK from the corner of condo near the NZX ! RM4.00 each ! blurrp.. sumthin wrong with him here, he treated all of us the expensive nasi lemak and paid the broadband.. hmmmm... what's goin on with him ?