Saturday, October 30, 2010

the Rain

sometimes you wish that the rain can give you some kind of hope and happiness 
as you can play with the weather as it fall,
how nice it would be when you can play during the rainy, 
you wish that it can make you laugh and smile
and even you gain some love from it
you never care how it can affect you 
how bad it can influence your health
how long you can stand when its heavy downpour fall towards you
you don't even care all those things
as long as it give you the love, the hope, and the truth ;( 

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

trial SPM's result

I know, I shouldn't get on here as I had promised but isn't that sound too impossible, huh ?
how can you live without knowing anything that is going on? nvm =_= 
i've already felt the feelin for about 2months without those facilities as like you're living in a nut shell we are in Oct, near to the death month, the Nov +_+
probably guessed it,  I've got my trial SPM's result !
well, the result is not as what I've wished for and expected sooo much, kinda worst
but at least I did not failed any of the subjects
I got 5 A's , 1 B , 1 D , 2 E's
E ??!!  eeeew .. ! so near to get G, huh ?
I don't think I've prepared much for the trial so I deserved to get that eeeew grade =.='
way too differ from my 2 last year result of PMR, huh ?
well, don't compare them if you don't feel the situation yet, so much of pressure weh +.+