Thursday, December 30, 2010

new Life :)

well, it's been long enough i didn't update anythin on here, too much of laziness, too much of procrastination, and yess i'm too busy this lately, I have a job rite now !
hehe, I work at Pizza Hut, I've chose to be in the kitchen rather to be the cashier, although I know I'll feel too tired working there but it's great to be in busy rather than feel boring doing nothin much tho.
this was during shera, mas and me were looking for a job.
I worked at PizzaHut Glomac, Kelana Jaya. :) ( haha, promote )
my 1st day of working :) i'm crying actually..  can't be too closed to the onions
the onions that i've to handle

these are shera's job, the top-up's things that usually you'll eat inside pizza
my place thatt i usually have to stand there, waiting for the pizzas. 

my bos, Kak Ain ( blue in shirt )
well, I guess till here I can tell bout my activities this recently as I rele not in the mood :( 
I've to find the right time to do all my online's things .. 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

passes stuff

for about a month I didn't showed up here,
well, i guess it's pretty enough for me just to post some pics up here for my recent activities :-

-we were studied together before spm coming

hehe, can guess who huh ? stil have a free time to spend with someone special ;)
- find a nice environment just to study
my nephew from Indonesia came, with her mom for Abi's wedding :)
- have to treat them well, show them how beauty our lovely country actually is
my 2nd bro, abi is ady married to his beloved, Kak Siti :)
- went to Machang, Kelantan to celebrate their big wedding on 17th and 18th Nov .

- asked Aishah, my old friend to teach me and Shera in additional Mathematics .
we studied at Giant, while eating. thanx a lot, Aishah :) loveyouu !
- we brought my aunt and his son to feel the experience in LRT, HAHA.
- went to KLCC to release tention too ..
another event were held in my house, I was in my room to take care of this cute kid
- snap a lot of pic using webcam with this such a cute kid [ ika's lil bro, iqmal ]
if you notice, he look like David Archuleta a lil.

think there were a lot of things i didn't update on here, huh ?
-i'm changing from maxis brdbnd to celcom, thanx a lot to Kk Siti :)
what else? oh yea..
- I've been chosen for the National Service
- bt I'm not been chosen for the 1st intake,
some said only the best for the 1st intake, and some said yess, they looking forward for the best school 1st.
hmm.. nvm lahh..
-rite now i've been thinkin to find a job, my 1st job, ev1 ! hee..
-then probably a  license tho.