Friday, January 7, 2011


hmm.. I know I should update my routine here recently, but seriously I've no interest cuz of my tiredness had conquer all. What can I say here bout my new life now, that there's no more school, I found it hard to meet my buddies back. hard to know what they usually up to? and yea, I'm bloody miss them :(  we planned a lot of things when we're supposed to hang out together but they just know to plan, but never know how to work on the plan. so the plan to hang out together was just a plann .. most of them now are busy with working, and some busy with their license.

what else can I share here? bout my job? hmm.. working in pizza had made me memorise all the names of pizzas which before this I've no idea, the only pizza that I used to hear is Hawaiian Chicken, but now I know the supreme family, :D I know how to make mushroom soup, chicken soup now ! hehe.. well the soup is cooked based on its schedule, like on sunday, monday, wednesday, and friday you've supposed to make mushroom soup, and the rest day is chicken soup. And now I wish I can make the piza topping! hee

next is bout my boy.. well, i know I can't spend much of my time with him as I'm working now, and so he is. well, sometimes he found hard to trust my loyalty towards him, such like I'm a bad girl, huh ? I'm not that noty to flirt on many guys, instead I've no idea how to flirt on someone .. hmm.. I believe in karma, like what bad things you did to ppl may occur to you back, or what bad things you think on someone, there will also someone will think back the way you think on that someone. so, if my beloved think I'm such that bad girl, there's a possible I can think the way he think that actually he is the one who play something behind my back, right ?

my target now is I'm hoping to study in a high level, so that I can be someone who is well-educated and have a great job that I'm rele interested in . but the truth is I'm afraid to face my upcoming spm's result, to be frank here, I've no confident on my result :( ..

to pmr's passed candidates 2010, congratulations to you guys that have achieved rele an excellent result ! :D