Tuesday, March 29, 2011

latest story of Dila

okayy .. finally the real story have showed up. I've got my result, well, it was not as what I've expected but nvermind, I know I didn't put all my effort on my study last year, but I still feel lucky as there's no D for my spm's result. I got 4A's 1B and 4C's for my spm's result.. hmm, kinda sux, huh ? as nowadays a lot of excellent students around you, they wont look at your 4A's, they look on your straight A's .. -.-
hmm, a great challenge waiting for me out there ..
rite now, other than busy of my job at Pizza, I'm busy for my license too. I do for car and bike's license with the fee, RM1059.00 at sdc .. a lot of my friends chose Metro, but my salary too far enough to reach the fee for Metro. I'm going to do my amali for car on April 10 :) then, i'll get my L . bluntly,  I didn't know to ride both of this transports :D
what else, ea ? hmm.. I hate love. that's all