Thursday, May 19, 2011

form 6 ? -,-

okay, put this situation into you :

what would you feel when you're going to take science stream in form 6, then your best friend told you that the there's a teacher informed you, " mostly students hardly to cover their studies in science stream, even our students who is chinese who got 10 A's for spm leaved the stream coz she can't handle it "
so what would you thinkin then ? well, I know myself, I'm a malay who result even hardly to reach 10 A's though, soo that's mean I can't take science stream for my form 6, huh ?

This is going to be my future soon, soo I really hopee this is going to be my TIME :)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

helLo to schooL back !

oh, HelLLooo, schoooll ... !!! HAHA, okayy .. I'm coming back to school again, only just the different school, not SMK Lembah Subang anymore, now my new school is SMK Taman Sea ! as I continue my study as a form 6 student ;) I've chose science which are Bio and Cheme .. I know, this is a hard decision to make, form 6 is not as easy as what you think .

this is the logo of SMK Taman Sea :)
or you can go to their website : SMK Taman Sea

hmm.. the reason I choose form 6 is because ; well actually have a lots lots of reasons, and these are some of the reasons :
  • save your time, which you have to study only 1 and a half year, then you can apply for degree :)
  • most ppl said that form 6 is hard especially stpm, but you'll know nuthin how hard it is if you din go through it
  • when you continue yr degree at any college, once they find out you're graduated from stpm, they'll respect you cuz I'm telling you guys again that form 6 is damn hard
  • most local university wont welcome the stpm's student, but the outsider especially Singapore will welcome you [ but only if your result is excellent ]
  • and when you apply for upu for degree after stpm, they'll look to stpm's student 1st then the matriks student and lastly foundation students.

my problem now is the transportation. Look, my new school seems far away from my house, not like before, only 1km, and now, like almost reach 10km or more.. so every morning, if there's none of my family had time to send me, I've to wait for the bus like an hour from 6.00 am, then have to take an LRT to Taman Bahagia. and when reach there, I've to walk a lil, then finally i'll meet the school .. seems like a looongg way, huh ? but not if I had a car, my brother now is willing to give me his car, the satria one, it's ok.. but the problem is I still din get my P license, now I only have the L, which it din give you permission to drive on the road. sooo, wish me luck for my P license ! and I'll do my best for my next coming stpm ! fuhh .. -.-

Saturday, May 14, 2011

pizzas everywhere :D

okay, I've worked at PHD Glomac. PHD is stands for pizza hut delivery. I started work there on Dec 27, and last to be there on May 1st. let me introduce to you guys what I was always surrounded with everyday in PHD :)
the new logo of our pizza
this is the clock that rele useful to us to look at before we punch card
in memory :) my punch card !
she's my bos during in PHD. her name is Ain Hamdan. the manager who manage the store in Glomac. well, she's kind of funny if you get to know her very well, loves nescafe ice, and love to eat. you'll find her hard to get mad. and she rele love to get involve in cleaning the store. and she rele hate to meet with cockroach and dust. 
and this, her assistant.. assistan manager, nurul aini :) she is rele good in laughing out loud, even she'll talk out loud too.. and she's very loyal person, and honest :) she'll telling you everythin, and never kept it inside. she love to enjoy with her friends, even rele good in karoeke.. she also love to eat 
she's also the manager, the shift manager, named Haslina. she's pretty with her thick make up that she'll always put on. she's very conscientious person which every job she'll do it by procedure. and she also very punctual if you ask bout time. 1 thing I notice bout her, she seldom eat pizza, HAHA
Miss Noni ! she's the one who interview me and my friends once ago and accept all of us without waiting too long.. hehe, thanks miss non! she's kinda funny girl, and also love to laugh out loud. she's rele fast when doing her job, and she got a lot of fans, especially guys, no wonder huh if you have such a pretty face ;)
ka bibbbb !! hehe, she rele have a nice and cute face if you meet her. the 1st time I saw her, well my eyes rele can't take off from her.. she's work in 1 kitchen with mee.. beside ka noni, ka bib also the one who teach me anythin in kitchen.. usually me and kabib were the morning staff who will handle the kitchenn.. only 2 of us. 
masmonaaa ! haha, her real name is masnianti . hmm, she's the one who with me during the interview with ka noni.. she's the cashier in PHD. now, ex-cashier.. I'm proud to say, altho my manager nvm tell us, but she's the best cashier we ever had kott .. with her excellent +math, kann .. 
abg Faizal @ abg Kojeq. he's kak noni's bro. well, he act kinda mad, haha, but he also funny guy too .. if there's a day he's in hardwork mood, he'll be the most hardworking person you'll ever seen.. but if not, he'll be the opposite one. 
kak senn !! she's rock ! everyone in PHD call her as Senah tho that isn't her name.. she's also the hardworking person, always do her job on time, she want to do it faster. especially on making pizza. and when you make her mad, you'll feel some part of yr body  will be rubbed by her, HAHA
kak miraa and kak yana ! both them are the cashiers too.. but ka mira can be the person in kitchen too. ka mira alsoo have a cute face, and kak yana too.. both them have a fair skin. and to be truth, both them are rele nicee !
abg Firdaus @ abg kecik. he's the makeperson. the make person is the one who will loaded the pizza with its topping on it. he's kinda talkative and you can tell his mood by hearing to his voice. if a day he didn't sing any song, means that he's not in his mood that he might have an arguing with his gf, probably he's facing that problem :D
those two guys are some of the riders. abg pian and rizal. hmm, abg pian can sumtimes get noty when mas pempered him. and rizall is a noty guy, beware if you have a very good looking, like ka bib.. he used to disturb kabib :D 
wann ! he's the rider too. well, he can be the rider and also can be in kitchen if we're in need kitchen's staff.. he's kinda funny too .. the 1st time you get to know him, you'll like him. he's nice, you can count on him if you're in need ;)
this is Azizi.. he's the lazy person, but when it comes to deliver the pizza, he'll not. but when you ask him to do sumthin, he'll give you with 10001 of reasons, so dont rele hope on him ;) and he's the one who like to disturb me, haih.. problem !
the curly hair : kak nunun ! she's kakbib sister :) just get to know her, she's friendly and talkative.. she have a very cute face too, but too shame she have this desease where she'll speak sumthin unconsciously when sum1 surprises her. usually when sum1 want to make fun of her.
kak suee. she is kak bib and kak nun's 1st sister :) she just new there. she have a very nice eyes where her eyes kinda big, but stil can't fight mine, HAHA. she is nice, but can't get to know her deeply as I leave the place earlier. 
this is the table.. if your doh is ready made, yr job is just to fill it up with those topping :) a lot of things you'll find out kinda interesting to eat just like that! 
that's the place where strecthing and topping the pizza takes place .. 
some of the contents inside , the content to make carbonara spagethi :)
the office! which located inside the kitchen.. 
gonna miss all of them ;)

that's all I can say bout the PHD.. to all PHD staff, I'm so sorry if I didn't put some of you guy's picture.. too many of you guys that I rele have an ache at my back just to write bout this story, HAHA.. but seriously working with them rele had much fun, and you'll enjoy it, cuz not much tired tho. just you'll be lazy to wake up in the morning, trust me :)