Sunday, June 5, 2011

matrix :)

okay, I got matriculation in Selangor for 2nd intake ! well, I'm not the 1st intake soo can't be too proud of . -,- hmm, I didn't think I'll take form 6, cuz mostly the teachers there didn't encourage you too especially if you're Malay. they'll ask you to go for any offer that you'll get soon, so yea, I got a call for matrix and i'll go for it. I got matrix for 1 year, so next year on June, I'll finish my study and can continue for the degree soon. phew. Nomi told me only one year to study everything is like a crazy year for you that need you to rush in everything you've learnt. hmm.. well, wish me luck for the matrix. May the matrix become the best choice for me to study further ;) insyaAllah, amin .